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LED Billboard & Signs Light

Product Highlights

The new generation of high efficiency LED Flood Lights incorporates the latest technology by using a high power light emitting diode (LED) chip, providing the best Lumens/Watt relation in the market. Also, featuring higher brightness intensity, a uniform light distribution and a better thermal management system compare to the old MultiLED technologies.


Yake Solar’s LED Flood Lights, offers the perfect cost-efficiency relation, providing energy savings of more than 60% compared to old HPS Lamps.


Key Features:


• Durability and long life: >50.000h (approx. 10 years)

• Improved lighting quality

• Energy saving and maintenance free

• Pollutant free (mercury and sodium free)

• Reduce carbon emissions (CO2) by replacing energy produce by non-ecofriendly means.




Yake Solar LED Street Lights are ideal to be used in billboards, signs, exterior, parks and many others.


Note: The LED street and flood lights by Yake Solar are manufactured with the DC optional configuration as well providing higher energy saving, compared with traditional alternatives (like HPS, LPS, MH, FL, INC and many others), maintaining the same power consumption and photometric parameters.



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Technical Details      YSFL-AC/DC 70W




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