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MultiLED Street & Roadway Light

YAKfly Street Lights have a modular design to optimize the process of manufacturing and assembly, with a universal driver for all modules,  Which  allow  easy  upgrading  and  acquisition  based on Knock-Down Kit (SKD)  for  local assembly.


The new generation of high efficiency LED Street Lights incorporates the latest technology by using a high power light emitting diode (LED) chip, providing the best Lumens/Watt relation in the market. Also, featuring higher brightness intensity, and uniform light distribution and a better thermal management system compared to the old MultiLED technologies.


 Yake Solar’s LED Street Lights, offer the perfect cost-efficiency relation, providing energy savings up to 60% compared to old HPS Lamps*.

 *LED vs HPS power equivalents depends on illumination standards adopted by each country.


Product Highlights:


• The LED modules, The Driver and the SPD are fully interchangeable between models of lamps.

• Tool-less 360 degree rotatable twist-lock photocell control ANSI C136.10 compliant. (Optional).

• Environmentally friendly: LEDs do not contain mercury unlike fluorescent lighting.

• With adjustable angle fixation of 15, 10, 5, 0, -5 degrees above the horizon.

• Universal mounting system with a double ring 40-61mm (DE) for pole arm.

• Durability and long lifespan: > 50,000h @ Ta 25C (10 years approx.).

• Aluminum alloy case with powder paint finish.

• High Luminous Efficiency of up to 115Lm/W.

• Tool-less assembly (Easy Assembly).

• Energy and maintenance savings.

• Maintenance free.



Note: Yake Solar’s LED Street Lights are optionally manufactured in AC configuration as well, providing energy savings over 60% compared to other alternatives on the market (like HPS, LPS, FL, INC and many others) while maintaining the same photometric and power consumption parameters*.







Rural Zones


The Yake Solar LED Street Lights are ideal for roads, residential areas, industrial areas, access roads and perimeters.




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Back View

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