Yake Solar's wish is for everyone to have light everywhere in the world.

The unique optic design of the Butterfly Lens "BFLYS" by Yake Solar allows an increase in the inter-distance between poles of up to 30 meters with mounting heights of up to 8 meters. With the fulfillment of these parameters old high-pressure sodium lamps are easily replaced, with a more efficient lighting performance while reducing energy consumption.


The YAKfly LED Street Lights require low maintenance, much easier and less periodic compared to a conventional streetlight, due to the fact that the driver comes with an easy to replace mechanism that needs no special tools, which in conjunction with user-friendly diagrams it facilitates its maintenance even more.


The new generation of high efficiency LED Street Lights incorporates the latest technology in high power LED chip, offering the best Lumens/Watt relation in the market, featuring superior brightness intensity, uniform light distribution and a better thermal management system compared to old MultiLED technologies.