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Patent No.:  US D680,060S

YAKea D50


External Power Inverter

YAKea R50+

Solar Generator (Lighting Kit)

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The YAKEA R50+ provides independent off-grid power ideal for small home appliances, camping or emergency situations. With a compact design, this small-scale solar power system is easy to install and provides long term, reliable power and performance which complies with the requirements of massive rural electrification projects around the globe.


• Lightweight and modern cubic design.

• Comes with a sealed maintenance-free lead acid battery inside main unit.

• Integrated 12V 24Ah Battery.

• Incorporates a portable and efficient 50Wp foldable PV module.

• PWM solar charger controller.

• Easy to install.

• An electrical control box that can be easily mounted.

• Complete installation guide that empowers end users to take charge of their energy future.


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What It Powers



YAKea R50+

USB, 12VDC and 110/220VAC devices like

3 LED Lamps

AC Radio

19" LCD TV whit DVD player or Satellite dish

Mobile phone

With this solar generator in conjunction with a 50 Wp PV module and a 24Ah battery you can generate and average of 150Wh per day and and it can provide around 30 hours of off-grid power with a fully charged battery. The equivalent of using three 3W LED’s for 6 hours, a 10W AC radio for 2 hours, charging a USB device as a cellphone for 5 hours and a 19” LCD TV with DVD player or satellite dish for 1 hour.


Note: This is an example of how to use energy generated by the system based on 5kWh/m2/day received by the solar module. The average time you can power lights or any other small device varies depending on the battery charge at the time of use or the amount of energy that each extra appliance consumes. Loads must be under 100W

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YAKea R50+

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YAKea R50+

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YAKea R50+

External Power Inverter


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