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YAKea H1000

Solar Generator (Power Center)

Product Highlights

The YAKea H1000 is the complete solution for off-grid systems up to one kilowatt. It provides AC power for many household and rural appliances. With a compact design, this all-inclusive solar power system is easy to install and provides long term, reliable power performance.

This integrated system maximizes energy harvest, increases system reliability and simplifies installation.



• An easy installation process with plug-and-play functionality

• Comes with (8) sealed maintenance-free lead acid battery and a battery cabinet knock down

• Includes a super cable connector set for easy battery connections

• Incorporates a 1000W pure sine wave inverter/charger

• Includes a MPPT solar charge controller

• Incorporates (8) portable and efficient 95Wp PV module with mounting structure

• An electrical control box that can be easily mounted on any wall.

• Complete installation guide that empowers end users to take charge of their energy future.

•Grid charge mode included.


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Solar charge the YAKea H-1000 through the 95Wp solar modules array.

Connect the YAKea H-1000 to the utility grid for an optional charge when no solar conditions are available.



Recharge your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player or power your lights, radio, LCD/LED TV, DVD player, laptop computer, fan, refrigerator and many more in just seconds.


Energy Storage


Battery cabinet with (8) 12V/100Ah AGM or GEL Battery

and super cable set for easy battery connections

NOTE: This solar kit can provide around 2 days of off-grid power with a fully charged battery. Solar recharge times vary depending on weather conditions.

110/220VAC devices like

5  Fluorecent Lights

AC radio

• 21" LCD TV with DVD player or satellite dish

• Laptop Computer

• Fan

• Kitchen Mixer

• Refrigerator

This solar power system generates and average of 3.04kWh per day and it can provide around 2 days of off-grid power with a fully charged battery. The equivalent of using five 5 fluorescent lights of 15W for 4 hours, a 10W AC radio for 4 hours, a 80W 21” LCD TV with DVD player for 6 hours, a 60W laptop computer for 6 hours, a 35W fan for 6 hours, a 250W kitchen mixer for 2 hours and a 250W (9ft3) refrigerator for 4 hours.

Note: This is an example of how to use energy generated by the system based on 5kWh/m2/day received by the solar module. The average time you can power any household appliance varies depending on the battery charge at the time of use or the amount of energy that each extra appliance consumes. Loads must be under 900W.


(1) MC4 to PLT cable
(1) Installation Manual











Total Boxes           18




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