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The YAkit R100/DC/dl features a compact design that provides independent power for lighting and home appliances. This small-scale solar power system is easy to install and provides reliable power for any off-grid application. A robust design along with PV module support from 60Wp up to 160Wp and battery back up from 60Ah up to 120Ah makes this a unique system able to meet the requirements of many large rural electrification projects around the globe.


The YAkit R100/DC/dl comes with a data upload system, which allows storage up to one year of basic information from the solar generator operation. The stored information can be easily edited on a computer, the system behavior shown in graphs over time; additionally our equipment’s software it’s easy to manipulate, very user friendly and the data of effortless visualization, with the option to choose how you want to view the data in terms of values or graphs.


Kit Features:


•  Cable with MC4 solar panel connector for modules of 60Wp up to 160Wp

•  Battery Cabinet

•  PWM Solar Charge Controller

•  Easy connections

•  Electric Control Station, which can be easily installed

•  Installation Guide




With this solar generator in conjunction with a PV module of 100Wp-12VDC and a 100Amph Battery you will be able to generate an average of 300Wh per day and can provide 2 days of autonomy, with a fully charged battery. The energy generated by this kit, the following equipment can be connected in a day: three (3) 5W LED lamps for 6 hours, one (1) radio receiver compact stereo music VDC 10W for 2 hours, one (1) LCD TV 19 "VDC for 3 hours, and charge a mobile phone for 5 hours.

YAKit R100/DC/dl


Optional Accesories

Solar Panels

 from 60W up to 160W

Lamps 12VDC LED  3W /5W/ 7W

Download Data Kit from Solar Controller to USB

Up to 2  AGM or Gel Batteries

Technical Details



YAKit R100/DC/dl

What´s in the Box



YAKit R100/DC/dl






Battery Cable

YAKit R100 DC/dl

Solar panel cable

Security covers

Battery Cabinet

Technical Manual

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