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Only YAK Lantern

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Only 7Wp PV Module

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YAK Lantern Kit

Portable and Rechargeable Lantern

The YAK Lantern is a portable and rechargeable lantern, ideal for indoor and outdoor aplications. They  can be used for something simple such as reading a book, lighting your children’s room or your camping ground.


The YAK Lantern can be used as a lantern, conventional bulb with an optional remote control or as a portable charger device, since it has a built-in long life rechargeable battery. The lithium built-in battery can be charged using a standard USB port, an electrical outlet charger (110/220V), a car cigarette-lighter charger or a 7Wp solar panel as a portable option.


The YAK Lantern uses a 5Ah lithium battery and a single-touch brightness control, which allows dimming the LED lights to preserve battery power or brighten a dark space in your home, office or camping trip.


Product Highlights:


•3W LED light with energy storage.

•Lightweight design.

•5Ah Lithium Battery.

•Foldable PV module.

•Easy to install.

•Complete installation guide that empowers end users to take charge of their energy future.






Back up & Light  Anytime, Everywhere !



Exclusive Hanger

Technical Details         YAK Lantern





Battery Charge

Batery LED Indicator

USB Port

LED Power Indicator

What’s in the Box         YAK Lantern









7 Wp Foldable Pv Module with connection cable Remote Controller

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