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TBB 002

TWU 010

TBS 002

TWU 001

TWB 002

Stationary Use:

Mobile Use:

TWS 200

TBS 200

Solar Water Purification System (YAKE SOLAR Cooperations Partners)


TBC 100

TSC 100


Some facts about the Trunz Water Systems


What makes the Trunz Water Systems unique?


• solar and or/wind powered system

• independent / stand-alone solution

• environmentally friendly

• easy to install and to operate

• modular concept for different areas of application

• without chemical treatment

• automatic back flushing pre-filter system patented by Trunz

• complete system incl. borehole pump – ready to operate

• without ongoing fuel costs

Possible applications of the Trunz Water Systems


• remote areas without electricity

• disaster relief

• village level water purification

• small resort application

• apartments

• clinics

• schools

• camps

• military

Mobile use

Stationary Use


incl. solar energy supply

external energy supply*

incl. solar energy supply


TWS 200

TWB 002

TWU 001

TWU 002


TBS 200

TWU 005

TBC 100

*external energy supply: either grid power, generator or Trunz Solar Power Center