Yake Solar's wish is for everyone to have light everywhere in the world.

Yake Solar product’s advantages are:


-All-Inclusive Kits come with all necessary components for generating off-grid power

-Easy to understand manuals with step-by-step graphics allow safe and easy installation, no specialized staff required

-Yake Solar products range from 25Wp – 1600Wp-  Plug-&-Play Functionality prevents polarity mistakes, equipment damaged, and guarantees up to 30%   faster installation time compared to conventional systems

-PV Panel(s) and Rack Structures fit on rooftops, ground mounts and variable inclination angles according to the area

-Minimizes cost for extra equipment, connections, installation, and maintenance, up to 40% savings compared to a traditional PV system’s installation

-Advance connection elements designed to increase the overall efficiency of a PV system

-More efficient, easy to transport and virtually zero maintenance costs make Yake Solar products a sustainable green energy solution!