Yake Solar's wish is for everyone to have light everywhere in the world.

Solar Power International Orlando, FL At the Orange County Convention Center

Yake Solar exhibited at Solar Power International in Orlando last year. SPI is an international solar trade show for professionals in solar energy and related fields. Our new line of products YAKit & YAKea were displayed at the event where the Rural and Digital line caused great attention. Our YAKit  line was mainly design as "Solar Lighting Kits" that provide independent off-grid power for lighting and other small devices. With a compact and modern design, our products provide long term, reliable power and performance to off-grid systems that go from 25WP up to 50WP. On the other hand, the YAKea line covers a complete solution for Stand-Alone PV systems that range from 100WP up to 1600WP. They provide DC and AC Power for many devices or household appliances.


Yake Solar's products are integrated systems that maximize energy harvest, increases system reliability and simplifies installation.