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Solar Generators YAKea R100 from Yake Solar reach Chile

Testimony of family in Chile, South America


Don Manuel and his family felt great satisfaction after the Solar Generator YAKea R100 was installed in their hometown of Cochiguaz, Chile. The elderly couple alongside their 7 children, were extremely grateful to Yake Solar  and SDA Servicios Integrales for bringing light into their lifes. The installation of the YAKea R100 meant an opportunity for a better and brighter future for them and their children.


Yake Solar reached Chile in collaboration with SDA Servicios Integrales.

There is so much Yake Solar can do for Chile and other countries, offering a large range of products designed for various occasions and fulfilling all your basic electricity needs.

Yake Solar Products are Easy To Install. No specialized staff required, and the systems come with step-by-step installation manuals to ensure user satisfaction.