Yake Solar's wish is for everyone to have light everywhere in the world.

YAKit R15 / 25

Solar Generator (Lighting Kit)

When talking about versatility and power in terms of lighting and portable power storage, The “YAKit R15” is the element that comes to mind, this unit has all features needed to be an " ALL-TERRAIN" complete system combined with 2 USB Ports able to charge many electronic devices in all kind of situations such as: Camping, Emergencies, Back-up and act as an Energy solution for rural areas among others. Its 15Wp solar panel is able to generate solar energy during the day (25Wp on R25 Version) and use its stored energy to power 2 high efficient LED lamps and other electronic devices at night without any challenge (3 LED lamps for the R25 Version).

















With a unit like this we are shielded from blackouts and may continue enjoying for more than 8 hours our favorite electronic devices anywhere at anytime. The YAKit R15 is a cutting edge unit for the rural electrification market, built with a robust appearance and super durable materials to withstand critical situations or weather conditions, also an easy transportation system with a step-by-step manual that makes it easy to install (in no more than 5 minutes). All solar kits are design under the same parameters and Yake Solar’s mentality “Convert darkness into light in all remote areas of the world”.