Yake Solar's wish is for everyone to have light everywhere in the world.

Yake Solar at Intersolar USA 2013

Inter Solar San Francisco. The time for rural electrification to change has arrived. Presented by Yake Solar.


Dr. Juan Antonio Alabart, the International Technical Director and Co-founder of Yake Solar Power Corp, has an extensive knowledge in the development of revolutionary photovoltaic solar products. He brings more than 25 years of experience and leadership in every aspect of rural electrification in most of South America, Europe, the Caribbean and US.


The PV rural electrification industry is crossing the same stage as clone computers 20 years ago. Many of you may remember that around 20 years ago, there was no administrative software, or computers as we know them today. We used to hire a technician to help us purchase and install the separate components that make a computer’s CPU. After that we would hire a programmer to design and build our own software or administrative system.


This old practice has basically changed over night. You can now walk into a store and purchase a pre-build computer with all requirements you need, like RAM, Hard Drive, Processor, Screen Size and many other options that can be customized.


Same thing happened with PV systems focus on rural electrification. In most stand-alone PV installations, components are supplied separately and must be selected/calculated by a renewable energy specialist to comply with all safety and operational standards.


Conventional stand-alone PV systems require 80% of the time the separate purchase of wiring, connectors, all needed electrical protections and other accessories in order to perform a proper and safe installation.


Here is YAKE SOLAR  new concept and design, a very compact main unit with top of the line technology where all components and needs are already part of a kit or as we call it and ideal solution.


You do not need specialized staff to install Yake Solar Systems. Our easy to understand manuals with step-by-step graphics are simple to follow to end user satisfaction.


Our products range from 25wp to 1600wp, which covers 80% of all rural projects. Yake’s versatile systems fit in any home, school, medical facilities or numerous rural places.


Easy plug and play cable connection systems that will avoid polarity mistakes, destruction of equipment and guarantee a quick installation (that saves up to 80% of installation time compared to a conventional system).