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Solar Led Lighting System On The Angostura bridge

Power lines and street lights did not escape the damage caused over time, for this reason the project designers, Consorcio Angostura, CA, considered the use of renewable technologies to illuminate the entire length of the bridge, to replace traditional street lighting, appointing Yake Solar Power Corp., for the design and supply of equipment for the new Solar LED Lighting system, that was to be installed.


For this important task, the engineering team at Yake Solar Power Corp., conducted assessments of the particular conditions of the bridge, and the parameters of solar radiation in the area, through satellite images and simulations to determine the best configuration for this location, providing two sample kits, to be installed on two (2) posts designated by the Consortium Angostura, C.A.


After ensuring the excellent performance of the prototypes Yake Solar Power Corp.made a technical visit to the bridge for a detailed assessment of the conditions of the solar radiation and shading present in each post where the samples of the latest generation of solar LED lighting system would be installed. The systems are comprised ofConcentratedLED CHIP technology manufactured by Yake Solar Power Corp. The systems were sized and simulated with three possible configurations, with 80W LED luminaires in 260Wp Monocrystalline solar panels for shadow-free locations, 80W LED luminaires with 380Wp Monocrystalline Solar Panels for shaded locations due to the bridge cables and 60W LED luminaires with 380Wp Monocrystalline Solar Panels for locations shaded by the towers and main cables of the bridge. In addition all systems had top of the lineregulatorswith all the latest technology in maximum point power tracking (MPPT), which optimizes the capture of solar energy and ensures optimal performance throughout the year.


With the above in mind, all the required equipment was provided for the installation of 60 poles that make up the new LED solar lighting system. Consortium Angostura, CA also provided training for staff necessary training facilities.


Upon completion of the installation, on site measurements were made that ratified simulated light levels, in accordance with the rules COVENIN regent in Venezuela.

Coupled with the completion of this important project was the design, sizing and simulation of Solar LED Lighting System for the Orinoco Bridge (Second Orinoco River Bridge), which is currently pending recruitment.


This is another project by Yake Solar Power Corp., together with it's distributors and installers, in Venezuela.





The Angostura bridge on the Orinoco River in the region of Guayana, Venezuela, was inaugurated by President Raúl Leoni (1905 - 1972) on January 6, 1967, connecting the states of Bolivar and Anzoategui. At the time it was the ninth bridge in the world and the largest in South America.

It was designed by legendary engineer Paul Lustgarten, a native of the area, and built by American Bridge company and Precomprimido C.A. (the same company that built the bridge Rafael Urdaneta, Maracaibo) The Angustura bridge was made in a metal frame 1,678 m long and 14.6 m wide. Its impressive towers are each 119 meters high and support the cable routing.