Yake Solar's wish is for everyone to have light everywhere in the world.

Solar Energy Systems for High Performance Telecommunication Equipment

Due to technological advances and the constant human need for new renewable energy sources, oil companies are doing more and more research in remote locations, such as the Arctic, forested areas, in deep seas and in different geographical areas of the world. The research in these areas requires more sophisticated technology and alternative energy sources in order to operate in extreme conditions, since in these places there are no available conventional energy sources.


For this reason Yake Solar Power Corp. is pleased to present our YAKEA  SOLAR POWER CENTERS that provide energy to established  telecommunications services anywhere in the world, regardless of how remote their location. It is a highly reliable power solution for telematics services, providing mobility and instant secure access. A "state of the art" solar energy   technology, specifically designed for use in remote locations in the industrial sectors of mining, energy and armed forces.


It's reliability and stability can ensure the proper operation of advanced telecommunications technology, such as satellite modems, routers and wireless stations for satellite communications. Easy to install with a modular structure that is scalable depending on the power required for optimal operation. It's dimensions allow the YAKEA to be installed in tight spaces, thus ensuring mobile backup power according the requirements of the customer.


In the sample chart, you can see an example of this system installed on a mobile trailer for telecommunications, at an oil exploration area in the municipality of Carmen de Carupa, Cundinamarca, Colombia