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Our solar footprint in Guyana, joining forces with Food for the Poor

The solar panels from YAKE Solar were installed in three rural Amerindian Communities in Region 2 - Mashabo Village, Tapakuma Village and Capoey Village. The primary objective of the installation of the panels was to provide electricity to power several computer training kits that were donated to these communities.


The kits are being used to train the residents in Information technology.

Over the years there has been significant development in use of information technology in Guyana. Unfortunately, as the country advances in the uses of the computer, most of the Amerindian villages are being left behind because of lack of access to computers. The donation of the computers and the training of the residents in the use of same will help to remedy this situation.


The residents of these communities are very happy with this initiative. For all three villages, this is the first time that have had computers and computer training in the villages. According to the Toshao (chief/elected leader) of Tapakuma, the introduction of the computer training will help with the development of the community and its people. She said that the computers will open up a world of opportunities for her community. She highlighted that the program will help to better equip the residents when seeking employment since most job requirement demands that you have basic knowledge of the computer. The computers will also assist the students in the village when doing assignments. All assignments those high school students are required to be typed. Prior to the donation of the computers, the students were required to travel out of the village to the Essequibo Coast -- which is about an hour away -- and pay for their assignment to be typed at private computer centres.


Apart from providing electricity for the computers, the solar panels are also being used to provide electricity for the community centres in the communities. At Mashabo, it is also used to power a small community freezer, which allows for cold beverages and the production of ice. This is the first time that cold beverages and ice have been available for sale every day in the village. The provision of electricity in the community centre allows the residents to host events in the centre in the nights. Prior to the installation of the panels, all events being held at the centre were forced to conclude before night fall, specifically if there was no generator available.