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Midtown 34th Street

An Urban Sustainability Project


Art of Cultural Evolution has teamed up with local initiatives to launch a community project to bring environmental and sustainable awareness to Miami residents.

We have a dedicated site in Miami’s Midtown that we are developing into community gardens with organic food production, rainwater collection, solar energy, mobile eco live/work units, community composting, vermiculture, and open demonstrations of gardening, yoga and educational activities for children. This site aims to provide accessibility to sustainable education for Miami’s residents.


As a part of Art Basel 2012 the Midtown 34th Street project had an entire week of programming promoting sustainability through education.

The programming included workshops and discussions on rainwater harvesting, organic farming, sustainable living, essential oils, composting, Permaculture, recycling, nutrition, yoga, education and much more.


Yake Solar sponsored the event by installing one YAKEA Solar Power Center that powered our film projector and irrigation pump. Yake Solar's advanced technology also was able to power our evening events with outdoor solar lighting systems.


The Midtown (34th Street) project is also a precursor to a larger development called S.U.A.C (Sustainable Urban Arts Center). An entirely self-sustaining arts park consisting of a natively landscaped green space, an international arts and sciences residency program, an education center, a bulk/0 packaging food store, community mulch, aquaculture ponds and much more.


SUAC will be an epicenter for innovation and engagement in Miami, a platform for sustainable initiatives and a public interface for locally oriented, internationally focused projects.

With our Midtown 34th Street project, we hope to foster enough support and resources to realize S.U.A.C and help Miami join other National leaders in environmental and social change.