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Back-up Systems

Yake Solar Power Corp. (YSPC) has developed an Emergency Power System (EPS) that can be installed directly into your home’s existing grid. This product has applications for business and even commercial solutions, providing your equipment with continuous support and protection from irregular and dangerous spikes in the electrical current provided by the city’s grid.


Our EPS systems thanks to their advanced design and technology are able to detect a power outage and turn on within one thousandth (1/1000) of a second, making the outage undetectable by appliances and thus avoiding any damage. The installation of these devices is simple, fast and extremely cost efficient. They don’t require much space; have no odors, noise or produce any smoke.


1) Do not exceed 80% of the inverter power capacity when conecting the loads to the system.

2) Always refer to the user manual for the recommended uses of each system.