Yake Solar's wish is for everyone to have light everywhere in the world.


Meet our Team

Jose A Gago


Lived in many countries of South America were he concluded his studies between Spain and Germany. Has extensive experience in international commerce with small, medium and large size companies from various industries. Always had a passion for solar energy and wanted to share its benefits with the whole world. Born in a small town in Spain where very few homes had access to electricity and the habitants had to use oil lamps as their main source of lighting. As a child, he always wondered "Why wasn't sunlight stored to be used at night? a visionary ahead of his time.

Antonio Alabart


Electrical engineer graduated in Moscow where he later completed ​​his PhD. He began working with solar cells implemented on Russian satellites and has over 25 years of experience in design, manufacturing and marketing of stand-alone photovoltaic solar systems. Participated in major R&D programs with institutions as the European Economic Community and many others. Also, participated in major rural electrification projects in many Asian, African and Latin American countries. Senior head engineer responsible for designing a complete line of Solar Generators with plug and play functionality that covers 80% of the needs of the rural electrification market. Guest speaker at various universities and Solar Energy conventions.

Andres Castaño


Electrical Engineer graduate from Florida International University specialized in Control Systems. During his senior design he worked on a project called "The Smart Green Factory", a smart automated system using renewable energy that allowed factory personnel to manipulate all loads independently and also the energy source based on grid peak hours. His  experience contributed in the development of Yake Solar’s innovative line of products.


His passion for the solar world started long before joining Yake Solar, he had a passion for helping the world improve its energy use through innovation and renewable resources. Guest speaker in various solar energy conventions.

Ben Oliver


Mechanical Engineer & sales professional with a dynamic career in business development and business retention by promoting new products & successful sales channels. Account management specialist in markets such as Latin America, Europe & Africa. Experience building intercultural relationships where he focused on high standard customer service and development of profitable businesses. Extensive sales experience on different industries all linked to edge technologies such as telecommunications, solar Thermal and renewable energies. He has the conviction that solar energy serves people in need around the world to improve their quality of life.

Maurizio Prattico


Concluded his studies in Italy and Germany. Lived in different Latin American and Caribbean countries where he acquired experience in the international trade and financial strategy business. Furthermore, he was the sales VP for Hugo Boss LATAM  and later became the Director of Operations and Board member of one of the biggest distribution companies of Apple products in the same region.

Yake Solar Power Corp. is a pioneer of solar energy photovoltaic systems. All in One Generator kits offer off grid solar power to everyone everywhere around the world. Equipped with an international team of experts with more than 25 years of experience, Yake Solar systems provide a sustainable definition to more than 80% of all off grid and rural electrification needs and to Protect yourself with Solar Energy at all times, back-up power for emergencies and outdoor activities.


Our mission is to lead the solar energy market by implementing industry leading technology and changing the current approach from that of an unsustainable energy consumption lifestyle to a sustainable energy alternative by offering solutions, services and designs that meet the needs of any PV installation.


We envision working hand in hand with organizations worldwide to provide solar solutions for all those in need and convert darkness into light in all and any remote areas of the world. Our goal is to bring light, a brighter future, and the benefits of a modern interconnected world to everyone everywhere.


Complete line of Off-Grid Solar Generator Kits provides a wide range of flexible solar solutions designed for approximately 80% of all PV Rural Electrification projects, as well as grid tied connection projects, supervision, equipment supply and installation.


Yake Solar product’s advantages are:


-     All-Inclusive Kits come with all necessary components for generating off-grid power


-     Easy to understand manuals with step-by-step graphics allow safe and easy installation, no specialized staff required


-     Yake Solar products range from 25Wp – 1600Wp


-     Plug-&-Play Functionality prevents polarity mistakes, equipment damaged, and guarantees up to 30% faster installation time compared to conventional systems


-     PV Panel(s) and Rack Structures fit on rooftops, ground mounts and variable inclination angles according to the area.


-     Minimizes cost for extra equipment, connections, installation, and maintenance, up to 40% savings compared to a traditional PV system’s installation


-     Advance connection elements designed to increase the overall efficiency of a PV system



More efficient, easy to transport and virtually zero maintenance costs make Yake Solar products a sustainable green energy solution!